Corona virus second wave

It’s official! The second wave got going in Switzerland with exponential case count increases during the week of 12 October and new protection rules were announced by the Federal Council on 18 October. It’s going to be a long winter…

  • 28 October: Switzerland hit over 8000 new cases in one day today. Switzerland is in the exponential case growth phase still, like many other European countries. Today the Federal Council announced severe new Swiss-wide measures: more mask-wearing, event size restrictions down to 50 people (10 in private), the banning of presence teaching in the universities, no choir rehearsals or contact sports, shutting of dance and party locations. Fast tests will become available from 2 November, which should help with more rapid isolation

  • 13 November: numbers in Switzerland thankfully look as if they are trending down, whereas in the US, 163,405 cases were reported on the morning of 13 November.

Studies completed 5

Áedán finally completed his final exam at the ETH this summer and now rejoices in the title of “BSc ETH”. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, Seán has started studying Psychology at the University of Bern after stopping his studies at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Jacqueline and David spend a weekend in Engadin

We snapped up the chance to stay for a couple of nights in a friend’s house in Ardez. After nearly twenty weeks in lock down and home office, it was nice to get out of the house, even if it meant a three hour train journey with masks in a very full compartment. The village of Ardez is very pretty and calm and we did a couple of pleasant hikes to Lavin and Ftan. The weather played along too!

Summer can really come now – roof canopy renovated!

After eleven years the roof terrace canopy had finally had it. The new one is made of more robust material and has new gliders so that it is a lot easier to pull. And the yellow colour is just great!