Winter Trip to Lucca (Tuscany, Italy)

Jacqueline, Seán and David took off in February for a brief four-day trip to Tuscany (Italy) while Áedán was in ski camp in Davos (Switzerland) with his school. The main purpose of the trip was to look for a double-bass for Seán: already on the first evening, we looked at a couple of instruments. On the next day, we were lucky and found a super instrument at a reasonable price. We also met the instrument builders in person (specialist double-bass makers – see here). Although we could not go to the brothers’ workshop, Seán and Andreas got to try out various instruments in their home town of Castel San Gimignano.

On the next day the Verdiani brothers brought a selection of basses to the Music School in Livorno, and Paolo Tommasi and his class got to try them out too. In between we enjoyed the beautiful Tuscan winter landscape with its unusual snow coating, and visited the delightful towns of Lucca (where we stayed) and San Gimignano. It was a pleasure to see Tuscany without any tourists! The journey by rail was a challenge for David on crutches, but was an unqualified success as our first serious trip abroad since his accident