Inscriptum 2012

The whole family was variously involved in this year’s “Inscriptum #4” project in the Prediger Church. The project consisted of forty-eight hours of continuous performance, from music to word and from old to new, with the special condition that the performers and listeners were not able to see, but only hear each other. The benches were removed and a white cloth separated the side aisles from the nave. Seán took part with a trio (clarinet, accordion and double-bass), performing Tango and Klezmer. David and Jacqueline performed “Unser Vater babylonisch” (the Lord’s Prayer in twelve languages), and sang Compline on both evenings. David and Áedán assisted Dr. Karin Neuss (Seán’s German teacher) in the reading of Heinrich Böll’s “Doktor Murkes gesammeltes Schweigen”: Áedán read the “atheist”, and David provided the musical interludes (German hits from 1955 on CD!)