The whole family in Provence (France)

The last two weeks of the summer holidays were spent as a family in Seillans, Provence (France), helping out with this year’s Musique Cordiale music festival. This was the continuation of David’s “extreme physiotherapy” training, as Seillans is a hill top village with plenty of steep, cobbled passages. David and Seán played in the orchestra (Seán “assisted” by his two Japanese girls!), and Jacqueline and Áedán sang in the choir. The three male members of the family also helped with the administration and orchestral management (aka carrying heavy things between churches and halls), helped considerably by Jacques, his wife Valérie and his son Marmaduke. The weather was hot and there was almost no rain, so it was a sweaty matter. However, the Boys did manage to fit in some swimming in the pools of Seillans and the nearby lake, together with the younger members of the orchestra. It was nice to see Claude there performing jazz (on Seán’s double bass)