David and Áedán visit Oxford and London

Towards the end of November, Áedán had two days free from school so he and David decided to pay a visit to the UK. We first went to Oxford via Beaconsfield (traditional English breakfast in the “Old Tea Shop”) and Bicester Village (outlet “mall” in village style!) where we bought some clothes. We stayed in David’s former college, Balliol and went to Evensong in Christchurch Cathedral. After that we visited friends in Windsor, stayed with Mike and Peg in West Hampstead and saw Ruth and Jim in Grays. We also touched base with David and Carolyn at University College London, where we had lunch in the Senior Common Room. On the last day, we visited Bletchley Park, which was where the British code-breakers were busy during the Second World War. Bletchley also has an exhibition of computer technology, including a replica of one of the first computers ever built, the “Collossus”, which was designed to break the code of a more advanced German cypher machine.

Unfortunately for us, a lorry driver had a fatal accident on the M25 (see this link), resulting in our getting stuck in a traffic jam for four hours (a mere few miles from the airport) and missing both remaining flights back from Heathrow. We had to stay the night in Slough and get up really early the next day!