Áedán turns 16!

It is hard to believe that Áedán has also reached sixteen. He can now officially buy and consume beer, which he doesn’t really like (yet). We had a pleasant birthday party with Aline, Áedán’s current girlfriend, Seán, Tom (an old family friend), and Regula (representing the “Hausgemeinschaft”, or extended Schrennengasse 17 household). We had Áedán’s favorite salad (of course!), lamb’s lettuce (“Nüsslisalat”, in Swiss German), and his favorite home-made “Knöpfli” (a speciality of Switzerland, made by boiling small lumps of dough made from flour and eggs). The evening developed into quite a party, when Aaron, Dot and Sam joined us for a drink. Aaron had fun explaining his binary nerd tee-shirt to Tom.