Prosit 2013!

This year was a new experience for the family. Seán and Áedán went separately to New Year parties, leaving David and Jacqueline to celebrate at home. After walking down to the centre of town and back and getting rather chilly, we finally came home and toasted the New Year on the balcony of our flat in Schrennengasse, looking at the local fireworks (in the street!) and afterwards at the Silvesterzauber put on by the Zurich hoteliers on the lake of Zürich (this year splendidly visible from our roof terrace)… Prosit 2013!

Needless to say, the Cats were not amused at all. The loud bangs went on well past one o’clock. Sven and Mr. Magoo snuggled up with the humans, while Speedy hid (and got shut) in a cupboard in Áedán’s room!