Jacqueline and David go to Giessbach

Nearly two years late as a result of David’s accident, Jacqueline and David were finally able to enjoy their present from the Prediger Church for the Noah’s Flood success: a stay in the legendary Hotel Giessbach in the Berner Oberland, with a gourmet meal. The hotel has been fully restored to its original splendour. Just opposite the hotel is an amazing waterfall. To cut a long story short, we did a three-hour hike up the waterfall (height difference nearly 400 m) and back again, which was just fantastic with incredible views and bridges across and under the waterfall! The weather played along: there were only one and a half days with sun in that week, and we had them at Giessbach! It was also great physiotherapy: the equivalent of 100 staircases up. The evening meal lived up to expectations and on the next day we managed to fit in a short walk in the expansive grounds of the hotel before getting the steam-boat (!) back.