David and Jacqueline visit the Dominican Nunnery in Ilanz

David and Jacqueline spent a day in the mountain air of the Grisons and visited Ingrid and Rolendis at the Dominican Nunnery in Ilanz. One reason for the visit was to see the remarkable crib in the spendid modern church of the nunnery (one of three cribs that we saw during our visit!), but there were plenty of other interesting things to see. The teaching activities of the nunnery are still quite wide-ranging, even if the school attached to the nunnery is now run by the state. The nuns are still quite numerous in Ilanz, but although they number around 150, the youngest among them is older than 50 years. They remain positive that the community will be able to carry on. After all, the Dominicans will be celebrating 800 years in 2016.