100 Jahre Schrennengasse 9-21


This year, our houses in Schrennengasse (street numbers 9 to 21) reached the grand old age of 100 years. Eva and I had also become its joint owners 10 years ago. Enough of an excuse to invite all the neighbours from those houses to a party, which Eva also attended, coming all the way from Spain! Luca from next door was our grill master, and of course we had Wiediker sausages and Paul Beer from Wiedikon. Every house was represented by at least a couple of people, including newly moved in neighbours in Schrennengasse 9 and 11 (which were totally renovated this year – the houses, not the neighbours!). David projected archive material from the city archives with the beamer, showing who originally lived in the houses and other interesting facts from 1914-20. Of course, other world shattering events were also going on in Europe at that time!

The farmhouse shown on the large picture belonged to a certain Mr. Höhn, whose heirs built “our” houses on the farm plot, following the City of Zürich’s grand urban development schemes for the area. The last of the farm buildings were finally knocked down in the early 1930s to make way for Schrennengasse 8 and 10.