Musique Cordiale 2014

David, Áedán and Sean were again active participants in Musique Cordiale in Seillans this year – the tenth Musique Cordiale. The musical highlight was the Bach B-minor Mass, performed in Montauroux and Seillans, in which David and Áedán sang. Seán took part in a more light-hearted evening with Michel Tirabosco. David ran the orchestral management and logistics for the festival, and Áedán masterminded the surtitles for the opera and looked after Pippa’s laptop (!).

The undoubted organisational and logistical highlight was the putting of Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville”. We successfully had a dress performance on the Place du Valat, and a performance at St Raphaël with an audience of over 1000! Then, for the main performance in Seillans, disaster struck in the form of a Mistral which was so strong that stacks of chairs were upturned: we simply could not put on the show in the open. We successfully moved the whole performance, lock stock and barrel, to the Salle Polyvalente in a matter of an hour – a tour de force for the whole logistics team!