Summer travels

The whole family was on the road this Summer. Seán went furthest and spent some very exciting days in Costa Rica (including serious jungle!), a week playing in a music festival in Scotland, and joining David and Áedán in Seillans for Musique Cordiale. Áedán spent a week in Portugal with his former classmates on their Matura trip. And Jacqueline and David escaped part of the terrible heat of Zürich (up to 40 C some days with weeks of tropical nights – over 20 C) by spending eleven very interesting days in Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, including walking on real sand beaches and taking “Molli” (a steam train in Bad Doberan). Lots and lots of “Backsteingotik” (brick gothic) churches were inspected, and we even briefly visited Poland.

The pictures are a muddled together impression of all these travels (and a couple of impressions of the heating system replacement that took place at the same time in Schrennengasse 17).