Twenty Fifty!

This year, Jacqueline reached the grand old age of fifty, and David and Jacqueline have been married for twenty years. The perfect reason to throw a party, and as Jacqueline’s birthday fell on a Saturday this year, the party took place then. The whole event was kept as a surprise for Jacqueline, who suspected nothing! Surprise guests were Mark and Stewi from London who were secretly transported into Schrennengasse 17 without J. suspecting. The day itself started with brunch at Babu’s, followed by a bit of tourism in Zürich and by a surprise boat trip from Zürich to Stäfa, where the party took place in the Müli Stäfa. The weather was fantastic. Apart from some beautiful guitar playing by Alex, Eva and Regula entertained us with an ingenious J-A-C-Q-U-E-L-I-N-E number, and our old friend Markus Gabriel kept us all guessing with amazing magic tricks and illusions. David and Jacqueline finished the event off with a boat journey to Rapperswil, stayed in a hotel there and came back the next day by regular boat and train.