The United Kingdom decided in its wisdom (and under the leadership of David Cameron) to hold a referendum about staying in the European Union or leaving it on our wedding anniversary! What a cheek. Little knowing what the result would be, we visited Karl’s Kühne Gassenschau (“Sektor 1”) on that evening – as usual a splendid spectacle. The theme was a near future where rubbish (and the climate) had got out of control.

And now this: they decided they wanted to leave! Well, actually it was only the English (without London and most large cities) that really said Leave, and in fact over 50% of under 50s wanted to Remain. A sad day. David is looking forward to applying for his Scottish passport.

Already, some people are planning that the Untied Kingdom will take over EU membership from the United Kingdom in a bloodless putsch. In case you didn’t know, the Untied Kingdom is like the former United Kingdom, but without Little England (England less Greater London).