Adieu, Sven

Sven left us today (26.04.2017) after a respectably long and eventful life, aged fifteen.

Sven followed after Filou, came from the Tierheim Zürichberg and arrived in October 2002. He was very shy and took a lot of time to feel at home in Girenbad. He spent his first few weeks under the stove in the living room. Memorably, we were all out searching for him in the freezing cold once on Christmas evening. For many weeks we had to search for him in various hiding places but eventually he settled in and became a lot cuddlier and tamer. He had a special love for cheese and would do almost anything for it.

As an adult cat, Sven was the heaviest of our cats and (in Girenbad) weighed in at nearly 7 kg (in the winter). This of course permanently annoyed Mr Magoo, who knew that he was top cat.

In Schrennengasse, the more sedentary indoor life led to an increase in weight – peak over 9 kg! – which led to an austere dieting régime for both Sven and Speedy. Otherwise, Sven settled in well in Zurich, and he and Knut (the tail) were on the whole very well behaved.

In September 2015, his bladder was blocked by a gallstone, but he was successfully operated by Dr Coradi. He had over a year and a half of additional active life on a special diet, but never really regained normal weight: his kidneys weren’t working properly any more and he had to drink a lot of water. Towards the end, he enjoyed his special treats of ground beef and ham cubes, and Sally-Ann’s special white powder helped to keep him going. Despite permanent hunger and eating (he got the nickname Idefix in his last weeks), his kidney eventually failed him, and he just stopped eating and faded away within a couple of days. He was a true Gentleman to the very end.

And now there are three… Speedy and the two Blackies (Arthur and George). Speedy suddenly went blind and near deaf over the Easter 2017 break, but is coping surprisingly well, considering.