David goes to Tanzania volunteering

David went with a colleague to Tanzania for a two week volunteering trip to help Sisters of the Chipole Benedictine Convent of St. Agnes to start working with computers, and to introduce networking with Internet access. We took a total of ten laptops that had been donated by Credit Suisse to the Convent and started training selected Sisters with spreadsheets and basic accounting. David also took on the task of modernising their website and coordinating its updating with other Benedictines in the US. We started in Dar es Salaam for a couple of days and then went on to Chipole, near Songea in the Ruvuma region, which is in the South-West of the country and is economically poorer than the tourist North and commercial coast in the East. Among many other things including seeing how the people really live in that part of the country, we saw two hydroelectric schemes initiated by the Sisters and a new maize mill.