David visits in Boston and Guatemala

As a field trip for his CAS Design Cultures, David was in Boston and Guatemala. He also took the opportunity to spend some time with Candace in Boston. The trip lasted almost three weeks and involved visits to MIT MediaLab, MIT D-Lab and MassArt as part of the course, a concert of the BSO in Symphony Hall and visits to many highlights like the Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard, various eateries (where we always got too much to eat!) and the Artisan’s Asylum maker community. The Guatemala trip started and ended in Guatemala City and took in Panajachel and Antigua Guatemala. The whole trip was organised by Mona, who had been my mentor in the CAS Design Thinking. In Guatemala, we met up with Omar of Link4 and three Guatemalan locals who extended our team.

The main destination was Santa Catarina Palopó, where we stayed with indigenous Maya families and carried out a design challenge to develop ideas for how to introduce sustainable tourism into the village without destroying their traditional way of life. Part of the research involved going across beautiful Lake Atitlán to the more touristy San Juan and San Pedro. A trip involving many impressions and a very wide range from the very wealthy in Cambridge MA to the very poor in Santa Catarina Palopó. The latter seemed much happier with their lot!