“Endlich Frühling” – snowy interlude!

The week started really well with warm weather and sunshine. We received a card from a company with the motto “Finally it’s spring!”. The roof terrace was in full operation – for a couple of days. Then, it snowed again! Mr. Magoo decided that there was no other sensible choice but to stay in and hunt mice (on the bed)!

Summer can come!

Suddenly it was hot and sunny in Zurich, after months of grey, cold weather and (for the town) quite a lot of snow. Everyone was out and about preparing for the Summer. Bicycles were cleaned up and oiled. We repaired the ravages of winter and cleaned the Atelier and house roofs. It was warm enough to eat on the roof terrace twice on one day! Mr Magoo (and all the other cats) were of course very happy to be up “on top” again