Winter finally comes

Finally, winter arrived in Zurich just after Christmas. It should now stay cold for a week, with some fresh snow, so at last we get that wintry feeling…

Christmas 2014

Stefan and Marianne, and Regula joined us for Christmas this year. We had a splendid tree from the Zurich city forestry and Áedán and Jacqueline prepared a beautiful table with culinary delights

Advent calendar 2014

Imagine our delight to see the tradition of a private Schrennengasse 17 Advent Calendar in our staircase is being carried on by Regula again this year. The daily pictures were posted here. This year’s theme was the Scandinavian Christmas, “Jul”, with those little helpers, the “Nissen”…

David and Áedán sing catches in the Atelier

As our ninth Serendipiter event of this calendar year, we presented Catches by Purcell and others. David and Áedán sang together with four other friends and Jacqueline created a special fitting “taverne” feeling in the Atelier, where soup and wine were offered, and at the end the whole group sang a nine part catch. Great fun had by all.

Final x-ray of David’s leg

1256 days after his accident (3 years, 5 months and 7 days), the x-ray confirms that the main bone in David’s left leg has now fully regrown. No further therapies are planned, except to carry on walking lots (over 100,000 steps per week on average, 40 staircases upwards most days…). Although the metal is still in the leg, the feeling is lost on the top of the foot, raising the little toes doesn’t really work and the ankle still swells from time to time, David is pretty well back to normal. Full service has been restored: running for the tram and other pleasures can be indulged in now to the full. Which is good, as David starts a new job within Credit Suisse on 1st December 2015.

Thanks go to countless doctors and therapists, in particular Dr Mario Rancan, Dr Martin Kilgus, Robert Della Schiava, Christian Kraus, Monica Wachter and (last but not least) Maja Bürgi for saving his leg and getting David back on his feet. Not to mention the ambulance drivers for getting to the accident within mere minutes and probably saving his life.