Christmas 2016

We celebrated Christmas on the 25th December “normally” this year, when Stefan and Marianne, Sarah, Patrick and Regula joined us. As usual, we had a splendid tree from the Zurich city forestry and Áedán and Jacqueline prepared a beautiful table with multiple culinary delights…

Advent calendar 2016

Imagine our delight to see the tradition of a private Schrennengasse 17 Advent Calendar in our staircase being carried on by Regula yet again this year. The daily pictures are posted here. This year the daily poems are the central inspiration for the various Christmas figures…

Áedán gets his driving license!

Áedán is now the second person in our family to be able to drive a car… To be sure that he does not present too much danger to humanity, the Swiss state now requires two obligatory courses (costing of course quite a bit of money) before his license becomes “full”.

David meets Johann Schneider-Ammann

David had the opportunity to meet and talk personally to Johann Schneider-Ammann, President of the Swiss Confederation during 2016, at the ESST Symposium in November. Yet again, something very unusual about Switzerland. There were security men around, but actually the Swiss President moved quite freely and talked to just about anyone he wanted to. Very refreshing when compared with larger states

…and we almost lost Speedy

Poor Speedy also had gallstones (the biggest was 2 mm) and couldn’t pee. It was a life-threatening situation and thankfully Dr. Coradi managed to unbung him and get him back on his feet, but for an over 15-year old it was touch and go. From now on, it’s a “k/d” kidney deficiency diet (with Sven)… He sports a very nice pink tummy (at the moment) and looks calm enough on Seán’s bed