David joins Julius Bär

After just eleven working days of unemployment, David joined Bank Julius Bär mid July 2019 as a contractor! A shame really, as Jacqueline was hoping for a few day trips during her long summer break from the Zurich University of the Arts…

The terrace is finally officially open for the rest of the summer

Despite quite a lot of very hot days and nights, the terrace was blocked by the project to build a raised bed for gardening out of a wooden packing case that Seán had managed to get hold of, and was a building site for weeks. Finally, at the beginning of July on a weekend without rain, David and Áedán got around to finishing the construction (Seán was away) and planting and tidying up could get under way. The “Lämpli” were reinstalled, and the not so young cats have already discovered the delights of sitting in plant pots and on the new fresh earth! The official annual assembly for our house cooperative was the inaugural meal.