Christmas 2019

Christmas Eve was held with Grosi in Schaffhausen this year (traditional fondue chinoise!). And Christmas Day took place in the Atelier in Zurich, as Eva, Miguel and Laura were also in Switzerland! Stefan, Marianne, Sarah and Regula rounded off the group. This year we rented a tree in a pot from Uster – this is the most environmentally interesting option at the moment, short of growing a tree ourselves in the garden. Jacqueline made a splendid decoration of the room and table, and Áedán helped with the menu, which was a joint “HG” effort. A great time was had by all. The cats enjoyed themselves in the house on their own!

Nine Lessons and Carols 2019

David and Jacqueline arranged another Nine Lessons and Carols project this year with an ad hoc choir, featuring Áedán and Regula, our dear friend Candace from Boston, and with the help of Christian Döhring on the organ and Philipp Claßen, who composed a new carol for the event, sang and even played tambourine too! The service took place in Kloster Fischingen and the Felix and Regula church in Zurich. Both performances were most memorable and enjoyable.

Advent Calendar 2019

Imagine our delight to see the tradition of a private Schrennengasse 17 Advent Calendar in our staircase being carried on by Regula yet again this year. The daily pictures are posted here. This year the theme was “Food in the Christmas period”?