Winter in Zurich for three hours

This year is set to be the warmest winter on record in Zurich since records began well over 100 years ago. Temperatures hardly went under zero. We did have snow a couple of times, but it didn’t stay around for more than a few hours. What we did have was excessively strong stormy winds. Maybe this is the new normal as a result of climate warming. It is probably a bit too soon to tell.

David and Jacqueline go to Strasbourg

A couple of spare journey slots on an Interrail ticket meant that a weekend trip to Strasbourg would be possible at a reduced price, so we went for it and spent a very pleasant two days in a splendid, small spa hotel in the old town of Strasbourg (the whole town was decorated for St. Valentine’s Day). Lots of walking in the old town and a river trip. A highlight was the cathedral and its amazing 200 year old astronomical clock, complete with apostels, Jesus and a crowing cockerel

David goes to Madrid

After six years of “Wirtschaftswochen” teaching in Switzerland, David is entitled to go to one of the foreign Swiss schools. As one of these is in Madrid, where Eva teaches, this was the perfect excuse to visit her and Miguel in Madrid, and to show Urs around! David and Urs had a really fun week and really enjoyed the lively Spanish young people – they enjoyed it too!

Of course, David did not fly to Madrid (for environmental reasons), but took the train (around 15 hours travel each way!). Despite threats that the French train strikes would not end in time, the whole journey went without a hitch, proving that the European high speed trains are on the right track, even if it took many hours to book the journey and it cost more than flying ;-( On the way back, David broke his journey in Barcelona, which was also very pleasant.

Áedán moves out into his own flat

When your children are born, one of the thoughts that goes through your head is that you want to see them grow up healthy and standing on their own two feet. When that moment finally arrives, as it did for Áedán in February 2020, it still seems to creep up on you unexpectedly. We are very pleased that Áedán has found a pleasant flat in the middle of the old town of Zürich, which is not too far away. Now we have to get used to the idea and deal with the emotions, and of course help with all the moving stress and setting up of a new household…

Haus “Zum Kronberg”, going back to 1261