The photo is of Alfred Lipscombe and Elizabeth Mary Ann Stannard with their son Alfred John Lipscombe, and was most likely taken in 1920

Buchholterberg BE is the home of the Imhof family

Just who were our ancestors

We both consider ourselves survivors of tedious history lessons at school. But luckily, our teachers didn’t completely succeed in boring us to death with dates of wars, battles and coronations. We feel that history is one of the main keys to the understanding why today’s world is the way it is and we kept reading and learning.

We knew next to nothing about our own ancestors but it was clear to both of us that they would not be among the rich and the famous. We are the descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Nobody of the past.

A little bit of research had already been carried out on Jacqueline’s side. On David’s side there was not much more than family tales and rumours.

It was David’s father Les who got us started. We spent many evenings talking about his youth and his stories revealed to us bits of the vanished life in the East End of London with its own rules and laws. Les feared that we would not be able to find any useful traces but after three years we have quite a clear picture of the families, where they came from and how they ended up in this poor part of London.

It is sad that we can’t share the results of our research with Les any more, since he died in 2001. But we are sure he would find it just as fascinating as we do.

We have improved our research skills and know a lot more about the different ways of registration in various European countries. We found people we share common ancestors and it is fascinating to learn how our past had a point in common and than life went on very different ways again.

There is still a lot to do, the task is very far from complete and we are still learning! The genealogy section was the main reason for us to start this website. We were able to benefit from other people’s research work in the last three years and we are more than happy to share our own knowledge about our families in order to help other people to get further with their own research work.

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  1. Hello I would be very happy if you could email me. I am Lydia Ruth Christie’s granddaughter. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hello from America! I’m Coby Criste and I’m tracing my last name. I’ve discovered my Clan ( has the same motto as this English branch of the Christie name, that being “Sic Viresco”. If you register on and then send me your Ancestry username, or if you want to email me at, I’ll send you my Family Tree so you can check it out on I’ve gotten back to my 10th Great-Grandfather, William Christie, who lived from 1640-1699 in Oxnam, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

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