Getting to us

Schrennengasse 17
CH-8003 Zürich-Wiedikon
T +41 (0)44 977 23 45 E

The easiest way to get to us is via public transport (Schrennengasse 17 is marked with a red pin on the map below). Take tram 9 or 14, or bus 32 to Goldbrunnenplatz (nearest), alternatively take tram 9 or 14, or bus 33, 67 or 76 to Schmiede Wiedikon. If arriving by train, take tram 14 from Zurich Main Station towards Triemli (12 minutes); from Zurich Wiedikon (suburban lines S2, S8 and S24), take either tram 9 or 14 towards Heuried/Triemli (3 minutes). From Paradeplatz, take tram 9 towards Heuried/Triemli (10 minutes).

By road, drive southwest along Zweierstrasse towards the Bühl church: Schrennengasse is the last road on the right (one way street). There is on-street parking (blue zone) available.

S17 transit

Beware: The Schmiede Wiedikon junction can be confusing: it looks like you can’t go straight ahead along Zweierstrasse, but you can and must! In the next picture, Zweierstrasse is the one-way street straight ahead, with the pink houses on the right-hand side. At the traffic-lights, you need to be in the left-hand lane in Zweierstrasse and drive straight ahead, making a little “wiggle”:

By the way, if you want to go from Honolulu to San Francisco, Google Maps is very helpful and offers the following step. Do not try this in your car, or in Wiedikon!

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