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Schrennengasse 17, CH-8003 Zürich-Wiedikon

Originally, “Casa Vera” was to have been in Ticino – we had a look at several potential houses in the Malcantone – but nothing came of it. For practical reasons, it seemed more sensible to invest the proceeds of Vera’s house in property in Zürich. But, what property? We looked at a number of flats, but the competition was intense. Then we had the idea of investing in a larger property with partners.

In the end, lots of hard research in the Internet by Jacqueline, considerable luck and wearing an IWC watch led to the acquisition of Schrennengasse 17 in Zürich-Wiedikon. David owns 61.9 % (the upper two flats in the house and roof terrace, plus the Atelier at the back since 2011), and a good friend of ours the remaining 38.1 % (the bottom two flats in the house).

We acquired Schrennengasse 17 in June 2004 and moved there in November 2008.

For how to get to Schrennengasse, see this page.

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