The Cats

All current and former felines are shown on this page.

Relaxation is an art

We don’t really understand why we ended up on this page. All of us practise the art of relaxation daily and for hours. But the the truth is that it only looks relaxed. Getting all those hairs aligned to aesthetic perfection is not at all easy – and very tiring! Lining oneself up with all other cats in the neighbourhood while dozing to present artistic completeness is also seriously non trivial. Thank goodness we are the masters of the universe!

Choosing humans

Selecting the right humans is difficult. Not only must they provide five star accommodation with comfy corners, warm stoves, regular and good food, and suitable recreational areas with live mice, birds, rabbits and even frogs. We cats give these aspects a lot of attention before we choose our humans, and we expect the humans to stroke us, cuddle us and take us to the vet when ill, even though we find it perfectly normal to bite at their bread, steal the meat from the cooker and wee in unspeakable places on their desks. Yes, choosing the humans must be done just right – they must have the feeling that they chose us.

In the summer, the garden is a particularly good place to relax too (see picture).


Winter is cold, really cold. The only answer for cats is (even) more sleep in warm, cosy places. This is where the humans come in. They make fires to heat the house and provide plenty of cushions, beds, chairs and the like for us cats to relax on. It may be hard for you to distinguish between sleep and hibernation. We know the difference! Cats get up at least twice a day to gorge themselves full of food (you never know where the next tin is going to come from!). Hibernating animals don’t do this. So now you know.

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