Áedán successfully completed his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the ETH in the Summer of 2020, having already taken up a position at TBF + Partner AG, an engineering company, at the beginning of the year.

In his spare time, apart from active sports, he sings tenor in the young semi-professional vocal ensemble Zurich Chamber Singers, which not only performs a wide variety of vocal arrangements regularly throughout Switzerland, but also has a couple of well-received CDs already under its belt. and lives in his own flat in Zurich.

About Áedán's name...

Áedán: Irish, diminutive of Áed, “fire”. The missionary sent by Iona to christianise the north of England and who founded the Lindisfarne monastery was called Áedán (Aidan). So was the first King of Scotland on the island of Iona (who was in fact Irish!)

Tavish: Celtic, “son of David”, derivative (Scottish) of Thomas

Christie: a Scottish name: diminutive form of the first name Christian (meaning 'follower of Christ') and possibly also of Christopher (meaning 'Christ carrier'). The Christie name eventually grew into popular use as a surname in Scotland. A sept of Clan Farquharson